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RJ8 delivers a large variety of workshops to reduce absenteeism and promote productivity.

We can arrange to visit at a time that suits you, delivering friendly, expert advice that will help your people get the most out of their working day. Our workshops are available to all and we can hold them at a location of your choice - your office, a nearby hotel - wherever suits you best.


  • Discover the fascinating world of Personality Adaptations.

  • You will learn your own adaptation and those of the people around you.

  • What is your 'driver behaviour', the mental takeover that kicks in, in our time of stress, and how to manage it effectively.

  • Discover why certain people always seem to 'clash', and learn new techniques to open communication lines with collegues.


  • Coping with change: make dealing with change a breeze.

  • What is trauma: how to cope with critical incidents.

  • Mental health & men: understand male mental health.

  • Financial wellbeing: covering a variety of topics from pensions to debt management.

  • & more...

What Our Clients Say

"I have worked with Rebecca for slightly over a year. I have found the service that she, and her team, provides to be exceptional with a personal feel. I know if I have any mental health concerns for our employees, she is always on the end of a phone helping to find a solution to support the individual, and the business.
The statistics provided give a deeper level of understanding about the challenges our workforce face both professionally and personally, which enables us to develop and evolve our business to support the needs of our people. I would recommend Rebecca, and the teams she works with, for the provision of mental health support within a corporate setting."
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