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We offer unlimited counselling to all members of staff, including 24-hour support lines for legal, financial, medical, family and management help. Good mental health doesn't just start and end with counselling. Great mental health involves a whole solution support package.

We never want your staff to feel they're just a number, contacting just another call centre. We make sure all your employees feel important and get to know our in-house team through various onboarding solutions.


We're a little bit unique in our market. We are the only mental health service working with you to offer bespoke websites your staff access, tailored with your company images, brand style, and personality. RJ8 has a variety of marketing methods in order to get your staff to engage with the service and use the product.


mental health-related sickness and absence. 

Our counsellors are based in the UK and available 24/7, 365. Each counsellor works within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy's (BACP) ethical framework for good practice, and undergoes regular training.


We like to think we offer a lifeline of support to business owners and HR managers. We are the people to call when you simply don't know what to do.

RJ8 is on hand to provide annual counselling policies, crisis support and intervention, strategies to create high-performing teams, and analytics to monitor your return on investment.

162% ROI

Classic EAP services often have a 'tick box' element to them. Companies buy the service, tick the box, sit back and hope for the best. Staff don't often find out about the service, it sits on a shelf, never to be heard from again. That is NOT what RJ8 is about!


The RJ8 mission is to provide services and active support for everyone - but we also understand the need to have a return on your investment.

We deliver KPI reports and updates on the use of your policy, we'll show you exactly how much money you are saving by investing in the mental health of your staff whilst keeping identifying information confidential.

What Our Clients Say

"I have worked with Rebecca for slightly over a year. I have found the service that she, and her team, provides to be exceptional with a personal feel. I know if I have any mental health concerns for our employees, she is always on the end of a phone helping to find a solution to support the individual, and the business.
The statistics provided give a deeper level of understanding about the challenges our workforce face both professionally and personally, which enables us to develop and evolve our business to support the needs of our people. I would recommend Rebecca, and the teams she works with, for the provision of mental health support within a corporate setting."
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