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RJ8 have been providing mental health support, in various capacities since 2018. Today we provide a whole structure approach giving exceptional mental health care in predominantly in corporate settings.

The RJ8 service is a true support and life line for HR managers, business owners and directors. We don't just answer all of your mental health concerns, we provide physical services too.

RJ8 review your organisation and advise the best services to create supported, happy and high performing teams.

Our core service looks after employees, owners and managers. With solutions that include unlimited counselling for all and with 100,000 worldwide counsellors we have no waiting times. If you check out our 'mental health services' page, we'll tell you why we're one of the leading corporate mental health services on the market and what sets us apart from our competition.

We also solve corporate problems with psychological solutions. You may be concerned at how many abandoned baskets you have, why your marketing messaging isn't landing, why you're struggling to recruit or why your team isn't as 'high performing' as you would like. We have psychology, marketing and business experts who will provide the solutions for you and work with you to obtain your goals, in house or remotely.

The RJ8 Commitment is that we NEVER say 'no'. If you pick up a phone or email us, we are dedicated to giving you a solution. 

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The Children's charity is here.

RJ8 are proud to bring you 'The Children's Charity'. Our entirely free, corporate responsibility project for 2022.

In 2022 RJ8 announced 'The Children's Charity'. Our team of experts passionately believe that children provide the solution to solving the mental health crisis for future generations. 

Each week, our RJ8 team's go into three organisations and schools to work with children. These children come together to run their own charity, each child having their own job ranging from marketing and branding, to finance and accounting - they even have their own CEO and deputies.

The children create pilots and projects that they believe will help mental health and combat mental illness. The project managers then make their ideas come to life. 

Each child is given an adult mentor who helps shape and guide their ideas. 

If you want to find more information about the children's charity, where the children are up to with their ideas, or if you want to become a mentor, head to the website.

'If we give children space, love, support, time and guidance, they will create magic.'

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