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Mental Health Services


What ever your mental health requirements are, we're here to help. Our main line of work is to look after corporate mental health, but we do offer some individual solutions too.

Mental Health Cover for all employees?
That is our core work. We offer unlimited counselling to all members of staff, including 24 hour support lines for legal, financial, medical, family and management help. Good mental health doesn't just start and end with counselling. Great mental health involves a whole solution support package.
We're a little bit unique in our market. We are the only mental health service working with you to offer bespoke websites your staff access, tailored with your company images, brand style and personality.
We never want your staff to feel they're just a number, contacting just another call centre. We make sure all your employees feel important and get to know our in house team through various onboarding solutions.

You Have a Problem?
The corporate problems we usually solve often include staff or customers.

Are you concerned at how many sales you're losing, why so many baskets are being abandoned at checkout or why your messaging doesn't quite seem to land?
We have psychological, marketing and business experts on hand to help solve your problems. We delve into the mindset of your consumer and explain how messages are interpreted. We don't just give you the problem and run, we tell you how to solve it. Giving marketing, messaging, communication and development solutions. Our teams even work in house, with your teams and help them solve the problems together.

Do you want a higher performing team? Is there a communication problem in house? Does communication affect your customers? Or do you want to retain your team and become an 'employer of choice' in a competitive market?
Our experts go into businesses, analyse the team and tell you where the clashes occur. We tell you who will work well together, and who may struggle. That line of our work also falls into recruiting the right people to join your force. A poor recruitment decision can have incredible knock on effects, hiring a person who 'doesn't quite fit' can take an excellent performing team into a turbulent period of struggle and poor performance.
We provide solutions. We tell you where the bottlenecks are and work with your organisation to ensure we actually create 'a high performing team'. Our solutions help you become and employer of choice and ensure customers receive nothing but excellence.

Private Individuals
If you're a member of the public and you would like counselling, please get in contact. We're also happy to help any business owner or HR manager who is concerned about an individual at their workplace. We have over 100,000 counsellors worldwide who can help get you back on track today. We don't have 'waiting lists', everyone deserves immediate service and quality care at the moment they reach out. Get in contact to discuss our range of options for you.

We will never say 'no'. Every time someone picks up a phone or emails us to ask for help, we will always provide a solution. Even if it is outside of our remit, we work with some incredible individuals and companies who are ready, able and want to help.


  • This service gives employees unlimited annual counselling.
    1 hr
  • Mental health awareness training, offered online or in your workplace.
    1 hr
  • Employees come together once a quarter to create their community.
    1 hr
  • If you have a workplace dispute, mediation could be the key solution.
    3 hr
  • Service to support individuals mental health or get them back to work
    1 hr
  • Bespoke workshops offered for your staff from stress to team bonding.
    1 hr
  • If you have staff struggling in the workplace...
    1 hr
    Prices Vary
  • If you don't know what you need, but you know you need 'something'
    1 hr
  • We love to talk.
    1 hr
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